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Every song tells a story. Every story looks for the right way to be told.
This is where the fun begins!

Besides Video, my other great love is music.

I am a singer-songwriter and have recently released a second EP, produced by musician Nili Fink.

I direct my own videos; specializing in art-house, low budget productions, and turning my songs into audio-visual pieces concerning the biggest questions of human experience: Fear versus compassion, Love versus loneliness, despair vesrsus hope.

The first single from this album participated in the "Hakol Polity" collection along with Hava Alberstein, Zeev Tene and more.

My first album was released in 2011 and there I collaborated with Jonathan Levi and Berry Saharof.

Hope you enjoy!


Find more music at NANADISC RECORDS 

Square Window
DRAGON || נחמה אסתר
מפתח || נחמה אסתר
SKY / נחמה אסתר
סערה - נחמה אסתר
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